• SWAT Veyron
    SWAT Veyron, Dov Lundgren plays a shadowy messenger of justice, revenge for his family
  • Captain America
    Germans in the Second World War the Allies against the enemy in the United States. The ambitious German evil scientists attempted to use the mysterious sacred "Cosmic Cube" powerful weapons manufacturing and the successful establishment of the Hydra Corps seems very sci-fi.
  • Fantastic Four
    Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four) Marvel Comics superhero's composed by four people with super powers. "Fantastic Four" was born in November 1961, have been sold so far in the past 46 years, played the slogan of "the world's greatest comic.
    Innate, they're a group with specific functions of alternative, everyone will born with a mutation in the gene, which makes everyone showing forces beyond human imagination
  • Spider-Man,Amazing Fantasy - Stan Lee,Steve Ditko
    Spider-Man is a Marvel Comics superhero. Was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko two of. Spider-Man book called Peter Benjamin Parker
  • The Hulk - Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
    Genius physicist Bruce Banner accident in a gamma-ray test explosion, the mutation suffered a large number of gamma ray radiation the body produces to protect colleagues. Whenever his angry heart beat faster he becomes violent Hulk.
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